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Standing on 160 hectares of artificial land, Pluit City is a stunning modern city that will become a valuable addition to the capital city of Jakarta. It is an innovated contemporary city that is purposely designed for you to enjoy the balanced life. Its concept allows you to upgrade your quality of living both in terms of business and pleasure.

The city is located on an open water Jakarta Bay which provides you a memorable waterfront living experience. The ocean will no longer be a stranger to you as it becomes part of your everyday life. Surrounded by water, the city is here to open up new business opportunities that uses the sea as the main commodity. Balance plays an important role in Pluit City, as the two elements blend in harmony.

Commercial and residential areas stand next to each other without compromising each other's spaces. Many public facilities are built to accomodate an enjoyable urban living. Schools nearby, office parks and buildings are in reasonable distance. Museums and art galleries are available just a corner away and many more. Everything you need to bring your life to a new level will be available in Pluit City.