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Live in a vibrant cosmopolitant city with all the features of a dynamic modern city-nightlife, outdoor al fresco dining, public events and activities, restaurants, shopping precincts, seaside boardwalks, boulevards and inner city streets, iconic office, residential towers, opera theatres, museums and squares.



Approximately 8 Hectares of parks created within the city will accomodate the high density towers and new population of Pluit City. Lushly planted boulevards, well-proportioned plazas and iconic central park acts as the pivotal centre of public green open space and activities.



A wide range of residential buildings and uniquely mixed densities respond to market demand and lifestyle preferences. The western edge's compact urban waterfront with its view-enhancing mix of high and low rises transitions to the soft green beach house neighbourhoods of the eastern edge, with Central Park - view towers between. Shop houses define the neighbourhood.



The island's premier attraction will be one of Jakarta largest public parks, at almost 22 Hectares. The park will feature an array of activities from sports park, childrens play areas, waterbodies, pedestrian friendly, rest areas, landscaped walks, outdoor concerts and events.



The Xin Tian Di influenced development will be the first chinese themed retail project in Jakarta which comprises of a 5 star hotel, luxury residences and a unique lifestyle and entertainment venue.



The Concept, designed by world class Architects Benoy, will introduce a first of it's kind retail experience in Jakarta, providing an all pedestrian semi-indoor and outdoor retail street with boutique shops, including anchor tenants and IMAX.

At the heart of the project is the iconic lotus structures, which will function as a performance space, restaurant and become the symbol and feature of the new Xintiandi.

The project will attract foreigners and the large population of Indonesian Chinese who have a strong presence in the North of Jakarta.